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Fulfill Your Mission

Your foundation supports charitable activities locally, and perhaps globally. And with a growing need for services and dollars, we’re here to support your foundation’s investment management needs.

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Partnering with an OCIO

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Results-Driven Investment Management

Our objective is to deliver results. Together, we can establish well-defined investment objectives that reflect your foundation’s investment philosophy and contribute to its ongoing fiscal well-being.

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Advisory & Administrative Services at Every Step

Strategic Guidance & Support
We can guide you through every stage of your foundation’s development and growth, from establishing best practices to providing support through innovative strategies and implementation.
Foundation Administration
We can handle everything from coordinating reporting requests from board members, staff and outside advisors to customizing your financial reports and documentation.
Tax Services
We can simplify your day-to-day financial matters, including corporate trustee and foundation tax services such as tax return preparation and audit support.
Philanthropic Services
We can help your family build a formalized approach to philanthropic giving by providing a framework for learning and practicing important life skills such as collaboration, financial management, open communication and conflict resolution.
Grant Management
We can draw checks for grants and expenses or make cash transfers to an outside checking account, and work with you to develop appropriate procedures.

The benefits of partnering with an OCIO

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