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Investment Due Diligence Center

In order to choose the right OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer), you need to find a trusted partner that complements your organization. Our resources and experts can help guide you through the due diligence process.

Due Diligence Center

The OCIO Toolkit

Our Toolkit examines the reasons organizations hire outsourced chief investment officers and suggests best practices in launching a search for the right OCIO partner that fits your organization.

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Constructing Your RFP

To help identify OCIO providers that can help meet your organization’s goals, it’s helpful to submit an RFP. We’ve put together sample questions to consider as you create an RFP in your search for an investment manager.

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Utilizing Our Request for Proposal Scorecard

Staying organized will help streamline the assessment of a potential OCIO provider. Our RFP scorecard can help you keep track during the process.

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Understanding OCIO

Cost is a significant consideration when considering an OCIO. It’s important to have transparency when it comes to potential fees. We’ve provided a general overview of what your organization can expect from various types of investment models when it comes to fees.

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Considerations for Evaluating an OCIO

Many investment consultants, banks and small wealth management firms offer OCIO services. If you are considering the OCIO model instead of the self-management or investment consultant model, our “T” test may help your organization evaluate potential OCIO providers. 

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