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A Partnership for Your Endowment

Through innovative investment and advisory solutions, our OCIO services for endowments and nonprofits can empower your organization’s financial objectives and mission-driven goals.

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An OCIO Solution for Endowments That Checks All the Boxes

The benefits of partnering with an OCIO

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Maximizing Investment Returns and Managing Risk

Our team seamlessly integrates with our investment management service professionals to implement strategies that deliver results. We can tailor mission-aligned portfolios, from inclusion of positive environmental, social and governance screens, to exclusions of misaligned concepts or frameworks.

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Comprehensive Advisory and Administrative Services

Education and Training Services

Stay on top of industry trends and partner with our experts on those topics important to your organization, including fiduciary responsibilities, leadership transition, strategic grant-making and spending policies, and more.

Financial Report and Auditing

We coordinate with your board, staff, auditors and external advisors to customize documentation that addresses your organization’s preferences and timing needs.

Sub-accounting and Donor Reporting

We offer sub-accounting and unitization services as well as customized financial and performance reports to meet the distinct needs of your staff, board and donors.

Donor Stewardship and Charitable Trust Administration

We can help you cultivate and steward your donors, through written communications, personal consultations, educational workshops and targeted seminars. We also administer planned gifts and provide charitable trust administration.

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