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Trust & Estate Planning

Your goals and intentions are at the forefront as we manage and preserve your trust assets or serve as trustee or co-trustee of your trust.

Trust & Estate Planning
Trust & Estate Planning

Why Choose Glenmede To Be Your Trustee?

With over 65 years of experience of serving as a professional trustee, you can count on Glenmede to provide the knowledge and expertise required to administer your trust properly and serve with fiduciary care and responsibility.

As an independent trust company, Glenmede also enjoys fewer conflicts of interests and distractions than many large financial services firms, which keeps our focus centered on what’s most important — you and your family.

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Our Fiduciary Standard

Since our founding as a trust company in 1956, our fiduciary duty has been more than an obligation — it has been at the core of our client philosophy, culture and trust management services. Through The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A., we serve as a professional trustee to clients throughout the U.S.

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Preserving and Transferring Wealth

Whether you are looking for a corporate trustee or an experienced fiduciary team that can work with an individual trustee, we offer a wide range of fiduciary services, including:

  • Multi-generational planning
  • Investment management
  • Wealth transfer implementation
  • Philanthropy & Wealth Education
  • Trust administration
  • Delaware trust administration & management

Delaware Trust Administration & Management

Where our clients wealth planning calls for the benefits afforded by Delaware law, we have The Glenmede Trust Company of Delaware (GTCDE), a Delaware chartered, limited purpose trust company based in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Delaware has long been a destination for establishing trust situs, offering a trust-friendly body of legislation and caselaw that is supported by its Court of Chancery and a robust community of trust professionals.  GTCDE offers a full suite of highly tailored investment management and fiduciary services for clients seeking to have their financial affairs administered solely in Delaware.

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