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Preserve Your Legacy Through Philanthropy

For families interested in transferring wealth in a manner that reflects their values, our Center for Family Philanthropy and Wealth Education delivers tailored philanthropic advisory and administration services, coupled with holistic wealth education.


The Center for Family Philanthropy & Wealth Education

An Integrated Approach

The many dimensions of wealth require an integrated approach. The combination of our Goals-Based Wealth Management framework and advisory expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate your philanthropic, legacy, and educational priorities into your overall wealth plan.

Optimize your Charitable Giving with A Donor-Advised Fund


Services supporting your philanthropic, legacy and educational goals:

  • Philanthropic Advice
  • Philanthropic Administration
  • Family Wealth Education

Services to support your philanthropic, legacy and educational goals:

Philanthropic Advice
  • Ascertain and document philanthropic objectives
  • Develop mission, vision and value statements
  • Charitable vehicle selection and funding in collaboration with tax advisors
  • Next-gen engagement
  • Governance best practices
  • Board development and succession planning
  • Grantmaking strategy and research
  • Peer-to-peer client networking
  • Thought leadership including webinars, seminars and written materials
Philanthropic Administration
  • Support for a full range of giving strategies
  • Foundation, donor-advised fund, and charitable trust administration
  • Grants and expense payment, processing and reporting
  • Meeting coordination
  • Tax preparation and compliance
  • Collaborate with portfolio manager and Sustainable and Impact Investing team to align investments with mission and values
Family Wealth Education
  • Education curriculum for current and next gen
    • Trusts
    • Investments
    • Wealth Planning
    • Philanthropy
    • Taxes
    • Special Topics
  • Values discernment and legacy planning
  • Family dynamics and governance best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should families invest in philanthropy and wealth education?
Family philanthropy can play an important role in your overall financial plan, but it also can serve as a catalyst to engage next generation members of your family and strengthen your family’s values. Our Center for Family Philanthropy and Wealth education couples holistic wealth education with tailored philanthropic advisory and administrative services to make a meaningful impact on both your community and your legacy.
What are the benefits of family wealth education?
We believe some of the primary benefits of family wealth education are preparing the next generation for financial and non-financial inheritance, engaging the next generation in creating the future and investing in the future success of your family and its legacy. The Center for Family Philanthropy and Wealth Education tailors various levels of educational programs to meet your family’s knowledge and needs.

Glenmede Private Wealth is privileged to have the opportunity to partner with you and your family.

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