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Stacking Up the Stimulus

March 30, 2020

Weekly take from Glenmede Investment Strategy.

Jason Pride, Chief Investment Officer, Private Wealth, provides an update on the economy, markets and investment strategy in light of recent government policy responding to COVID-19. 

Congress passed a record $2 trillion spending package to bolster a weakening economy. Will it be enough to prevent a deep recession?

Declining asset values and interest rates have a silver lining: opportunities for tax and interest savings.

Washington policy analyst Daniel Clifton shares insights on COVID-19 policy solutions, election and markets.

Municipal bond issuers likely will experience varying effects from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, depending on their sources of revenue.

The unprecedented actions announced by the Federal Reserve to improve liquidity in the credit markets is one part of the solution to COVID-19.

Communities, charitable organizations and donors are coming together to create innovative ways to address the urgent social, economic and health implications of COVID-19.

Weekly take from Glenmede Investment Strategy.

The U.S. government announced an extension of IRS personal income tax filing and payment deadlines from April 15 to July 15.

NYSE temporarily moves to all-electronic trading, effective March 23, as a precaution during the pandemic. Traders believe NYSE operations will continue normally, as they have recently despite high volumes and extreme volatility.

As panic selling plunges U.S. financial markets, coronavirus containment in China, Japan and Korea may provide a roadmap for eventual U.S. recovery.