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When your child or grandchild is engaged to be married, financial matters can take a backseat to champagne toasts. Amid the excitement of preparing for the big day, you can help your family prepare for the future with a new spouse by ensuring the basics are covered.

The term “Outsourced Chief Investment Officer” (OCIO) has gained popularity in the investment industry. The “T” test can help your organization evaluate potential providers.

Wealth owners spend considerable time developing and refining their estate plans, yet equally as important is the person or entity entrusted to oversee and administer these documents. An Executor of an estate can make a significant difference in whether our intentions are realized as imagined.

In our 2016 Annual Review article “Passive Investing and Following the Herd,” we discuss the growth and pitfalls of passive investing.



In “Impact Investing: Entering the Golden Age,” we explore significant developments in the impact investing landscape, including advances in the techniques and strategies employed, enabling new opportunities for investors who want to express their values through their investment programs.

While each client experience is unique, these three case studies touch upon shared challenges and how we partner with clients to create individually tailored solutions.

Aligning the Mission of Your Philanthropy with the Mission of Your Investments? Top 5 Considerations for Foundation Trustees.

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