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Women in Leadership

April 22, 2016

“Women in Leadership” by our Impact and Sustainable Investments team illustrates how leadership diversity tends to provide the same benefits as asset-class diversification.

Our Impact & Sustainable Investments team provides an overview of the expected returns for strategies that emphasize ESG factors, delving deeper into the benefits of ESG momentum. 

An overview of Glenmede's customized approach to creating portfolios that meet client goals for generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact without sacrificing financial returns.

“Turning Passion into Impact: Philanthropy at the Next Level” provides thoughtful guidance for philanthropists who want to channel a desire to “do something” into purposeful and strategic action.

David Plotts, Director of Wealth Planning, outlines 3 steps to putting “a balanced cash-flow and asset plan in place that will allow you to realize your vision of the future.”

Like entrepreneurs who translate a passion into a successful business, great philanthropists take inspiration from their life experiences and apply it to their giving 

Sandwiched between two larger, charismatic cohorts—baby boomers and the millennials—this low-key demographic group is poised to assume leadership roles in business and beyond. 

Lee Miller, Managing Director, Director of New York Region, and Dr. Richard Mayeux, Chair of Neurology at Columbia University, share their insights on Alzheimer’s disease, its effect on diagnosed individuals and their families, and the important legal, medical and financial planning issues it raises.

Our Impact and Sustainable Investments team use fossil fuel companies to illustrate the performance and diversification benefits of positive screening vs. negative screening as an impact investment strategy.

 Peter Zuleba, Director of Investment Management, describes how Glenmede integrates two powerful tools—fundamental research and analysis, and quantitative modeling—into the equity investment process. 

“Mission Possible — Due Diligence for Foundations, Endowments and Nonprofits,” explores the who, what, when, where and hows of ongoing due diligence reviews by fiduciaries, board members and trustees. 

Using the Glenmede's Large Cap Growth Fund as an example, this article shows how Glenmede generates and protects client wealth by staying focused on long-term performance and ongoing risk management, rooted in three core principles...