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2019’s SECURE Act adds limited student loan payments to the list of permissible 529 Plan distributions

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We help clients to visualize their goals, investments, risk tolerance and wealth planning alternatives across different scenarios. The result is the development of an investment policy statement and wealth plan designed to support clients’ distinct objectives.

Why a growing number of endowments, foundations and nonprofit institutions are moving away from in-house investment management and committee-consultant model for OCIO services. 

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A growing number of investors have discovered that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can be incorporated into a portfolio and add value to portfolio returns. An expanding body of research has resulted in an exciting new era in the discipline of impact investing.

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With recent changes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, bunching charitable gifts and the resulting deductions may be a useful technique to boost the value of the standard deduction and experience tax savings.

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The new tax code is designed to spur business activity while eliminating certain accounting practices seen as loopholes. For private equity, new provisions are in effect for both the underlying companies and the funds themselves.