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August 18, 2022

RFP Scorecard: A Guide to Tracking Investment Managers

When looking for a potential investment manager or other service provider, some organizations find it helpful to prepare a request for proposal (RFP), which typically describes the organization and scope of services desired, and asks a variety of questions to elicit relevant information from the prospective service providers. You can then use this information to help decide which provider to hire. One helpful way to evaluate RFP responses is to create a due diligence “scorecard” by identifying the criteria most important for the organization.

The following sample scorecard template is intended for investment manager reviews; however, it can be adapted to evaluate other potential service providers or particular areas of your organization. Key factors, determined by your organization, are given weightings based on importance. Using the criteria you outline, each service provider or area of the organization is evaluated and ranked based on its score. In the case of evaluating third-party service providers, the total score can help your organization determine who to hire. And, when evaluating key aspects of your organization, this scorecard may help you discover areas that are operating particularly well or areas for improvement.

Sample Scorecard

RFP sample scorecard


Sample Evaluation Criteria for Investment Managers

RFP sample evaluation criteria for investment managers


If you would like to learn more about implementing a due diligence program or receive other sample evaluation tools, like an RFP, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Audia at 215-419-6038 or