Glenmede is at the forefront of impact investing and understands the challenges individuals, institutions and multi-generational families face as they explore ways to align their values with their investments. Customized asset allocations designed around our planet, society and faith-based goals are at the cornerstone of our approach.

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Address our planet’s environmental challenges by focusing on carbon emissions, renewable energy, water stress, and pollution & waste:

- Our Journey with One School Endowment

- Looking to Divest? Top 5 Considerations for School Board & Investment Committee Members

- Gender Inequality and Climate Change Solutions: How They’re Connected



Tackle social justice challenges including diversity & inclusion, labor & employee welfare, human rights, and product safety & quality. One of the fastest growing impact investing segments is gender-lens investing, or the encouragement of women-leadership, female equality, and companies that improve the lives of women globally.

Learn how investors can implement these values through their investments:

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- Glenmede and Women: An Alignment of Values and Vision

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The past two decades have seen dramatic advancements in opportunities to align faith and finance. Learn how investors can implement faith-based values through their investments:

- Faith-Based Investing: Your Values, Your Future

- Investing in Your Faith: Top 5 Actions for Jewish Values Investors


For more information on aligning faith-based values with investing, visit Impactivate - The Impact Investing Exchange.


Glenmede has a history of partnering with organizations to align the social and environmental goals with the financial objectives. We tilt portfolios toward companies with exemplary or improving environmental, social and governance factors, known as ESG Integration; divest or exclude industries or companies clients deem objectionable, referred to as divesting; or emphasize thematic issues such as women in leadership, climate change or social justice.

Learn how investors are implementing planet, society and faith-based themes to generate competitive returns:

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- Impact Investing Under the Uniform Prudent Investor Act

- Impact Investing for Nonprofits, Endowments and Foundations


For more information on aligning your values with your investments, visit Impactivate - The Impact Investing Exchange.