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Serving as your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Whether your organization is new to OCIO or you are a larger institution seeking access to niche investment managers, private investments and risk management, we work with you to determine the services that best suit your unique circumstances.

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What is an OCIO?

Serving as an OCIO, Glenmede partners with organizations to customize their investment policy, which includes guidelines designed to help achieve the organization’s unique investment goals. We proactively implement an asset allocation strategy and select managers that are appropriate for the organization’s strategy, within the guidelines of their investment policy. And, we report changes through the course of regular communications and meetings.

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Offering a robust OCIO platform

Our OCIO model is well suited for nonprofits, institutions and foundations that are looking for proactive expertise. As your organization’s investment manager, our core OCIO services include:

  • Investment policy creation and customization
  • Investment strategy and implementation
  • Manager selection and due diligence
  • Public and private market access
  • Proprietary research
  • Mission-aligned investing
  • Investment performance reporting
  • Customized educational programs

Results-driven commitment

Blending quantitative and fundamental disciplines, we design solutions intended to help clients grow and protect assets for the long term. Through our consistent approach, we construct your portfolio in ways that seek to meet your objectives. There are three core tenets of the Glenmede Endowment & Foundation Management investment philosophy:


Sophisticated solutions

powered by original thinking with a fiduciary mindset


Customized approach

to reflect an organization’s mission, objectives and special considerations


Continuous improvement

extensive due diligence and avoiding herd mentality as we aim to create alpha

Objective-focused process

We execute our investment philosophy through a three-pillar process that’s customized to your organization.

    • Growth in excess of fees, spending and inflation
    • Exposures across asset classes and styles
    • Utilize the diversification benefits of less correlated asset classes and strategies to navigate a variety of economic and market environments
    • Unbiased due diligence process
    • Active and passive strategies
    • Take advantage of opportunities in complex and less efficient public and private markets
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The benefits of partnering with an OCIO

An OCIO should be able to provide personalized communications, diligent oversight and efficient delivery of services. Here is a guide to choosing the right investment manager for your organization.

Download the OCIO Toolkit

Choosing the right OCIO for your organization

Investment policy statement development  
Strategic asset allocation creation
Open architecture platform
Ongoing manager due diligence
Manager research and recommendation
Manager selection
Analyze, buy and sell individual securities
Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
Portfolio risk and liquidity management
In-house proprietary research
Access to comprehensive external research ●●
Custody and recordkeeping ●●
Account administration
May serve as Trustee with fiduciary responsibility
Performance measurement and reporting ●●
Advisory and educational services
Coordination with outside advisors
Philanthropic advisory and management services
  fee based   ●● potentially limited

Due Diligence Center

Helpful resources for your organization

Constructing your RFP

When reviewing different firms, it helps to know the best questions to ask. We suggest addressing the following points in your RFP.
Download Sample RFP

Utilizing an RFP Scorecard

If you’re looking to “normalize” the assessment process, you can track potential providers across key categories with this scorecard.
Download RFP Scorecard

Considerations for evaluating an OCIO

Not exactly sure what to look for in a partner? Use the “T” test to evaluate your OCIO options.
Download the Test

Understanding OCIO Costs

When reviewing potential OCIO providers, it’s important to have transparency when it comes to potential fees.
Download Understanding OCIO Costs

Experience the Glenmede difference

We welcome an opportunity to learn more about you and your needs.

Contact Samantha Audia, CTFA at 215-419-6038,, or click the link below.

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