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Senior investment experts at Glenmede

Senior Leaders

Why Glenmede?

Are you our kind of senior leader? Glenmede is an investment and wealth management company that’s unwavering about what matters most: our core ideals. We strive to deliver excellence with integrity, agility and noble stewardship to the clients we serve. If you share these ideals, there may be a job opportunity at Glenmede for you.

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How We Work

At Glenmede, we focus exclusively on investment and wealth management. As a member of the senior leadership team, you can do what’s best for clients without being distracted by other lines of business. Likewise, our private ownership provides stability that makes us a reliable partner — both for our clients and for you. This level of consistency provides a strong foundation for a long-term investment management career with us.

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Hiring Process

From the initial search to the onboarding process, our streamlined hiring process enables both senior leaders and hiring managers to leverage their skills in filling key investment roles at Glenmede.

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  • We do our best to provide as much information and insight as possible to candidates during the interview process. As part of your evaluation of a role and of us as an organization, you are encouraged to ask questions and explore all facets of the opportunity. It is important to us to ensure there is alignment between your personal and professional goals and the position you are interested in at Glenmede.

  • Successful leaders at our firm are experts in their chosen discipline. They are passionate about mentoring and developing others. They are also willing to challenge the status quo and lead by example. These leaders firmly believe in and embody our philosophy, “Founded on Ideals, Built on Ideas.” This requires an ability to stay true to our values, build on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, and foster thoughtful innovation and creativity.

  • Glenmede was founded in 1956 for one purpose: to serve in perpetuity as Trustee of the Pew Trusts. Philanthropy, sustainability and support of the communities in which we operate have been cornerstones for Glenmede since our founding. We also encourage our employees to volunteer their time and talents to support charitable organizations that are meaningful to them.

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