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Glenmede hiring process - professional interview

Finding the job of your dreams

Hiring Process

From the initial search to new hire onboarding, Glenmede offers a streamlined hiring process. You can find highlights of the process, tips and FAQs below.

Glenmede’s Hiring Process

Step 1: The Search

You can review job openings via our job opportunities page where you will also be able to submit an online application. Also apply via other reputable recruiting and social media sites such as LinkedIn.

TIP: Stay on top of job alerts by following Glenmede on social media and bookmarking our “Job Opportunities” page. Use the job search features and automated alerts to receive timely notices about career-related announcements.

Step 2: Recruiter Review

A member of the Glenmede Talent Acquisition team will review online applications and identify qualified candidates to move forward in the hiring process.

TIP: Be sure to review job descriptions thoroughly and tailor the information in your online applications to make your relevant credentials and interests clear. Always ensure your application is error-free and that all fields are filled in accurately.

Step 3: Phone Screen

Once qualified candidates have been identified, they will be contacted via email to schedule a preliminary phone screen. The objective of this discussion is to better understand the candidate’s skills, interests and competencies as they relate to the position, and to ensure candidates have a forum for questions.

TIP: Do your research on Glenmede and your interviewer(s). Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask and consider questions that you may be asked to answer.

Step 4: Interview

After a preliminary phone screen is conducted, the most qualified candidates will be contacted via email to schedule additional in-person or video interviews. This round of interviews is conducted to learn more about each candidate and find the best individual for the role. The number of interviews in this round will be dependent on the level of the position.

Step 5: Offer and Preboarding

Once the most qualified candidate has been selected, we extend a verbal employment offer. If the job offer is accepted, a formal written offer will follow. Then the process of preboarding the new hire will begin. By providing access to a gated online portal, new employees are welcomed with a wealth of information and resources that allow them to feel like a Glenmede employee even before their first day. Most new hire paperwork is completed during the preboarding process and prior to your first day.

TIP: If you are presented with an offer, congratulations! Be sure to stay organized and manage time, paperwork and deadlines well. If you aren’t the successful candidate in an interview process, we encourage you to continue to monitor job openings and to apply to other roles in the future.

Step 6: Onboarding

The onboarding process is initiated on your first day as a Glenmede employee. New hires can expect to learn more about the company culture and be armed with the tools and information needed to begin their work. While onboarding starts on your first day, it is an ongoing process that lasts for several months as you meet other employees, learn our processes and systems, and attend events with your new colleagues.

TIP: Enjoy the process and be sure to ask questions as you get settled in your new role at Glenmede.


  • We are looking for open-minded, intellectually curious problem solvers who are willing to ask questions and are interested in continually learning and growing.

  • Our hiring process focuses on getting to know you as an individual and introducing you to our firm. Prior to the pandemic, most interviews were done on-site at one of our offices. This gave candidates the opportunity to see our work environment and how people interact in real-time. While our interview process shifted to 100% virtual, the conversations continued to allow people to get to know one another. Ironically, it also allowed candidates to witness our work environment as well, which also transitioned to 100% virtual. We look forward to returning to a more hybrid approach after the pandemic.

  • Applicants will receive an automated email message once materials are submitted via our online Career Center. The exact timing of follow-up communications depends on the volume of applications received. All candidates, regardless of whether they are invited to participate in the next phase of the process, should receive an update on the disposition of their application.

  • Yes, we keep applicant materials on file, but you must reapply to be considered for a new position.

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