Raj Tewari

Director of Operations

Managing Director

Raj Tewari is Director of Operations in the Philadelphia office of Glenmede.

As Director of Operations, Mr. Tewari oversees securities operations, performance measurement, and private asset and hedge fund administration. Mr. Tewari joined Glenmede in 2000 as a finance officer and strategy and planning analyst and in 2008 was appointed Director of Finance. Prior to joining Glenmede, Mr. Tewari was a business analyst at Villanova Capital. He also previously worked as a senior auditor for Ernst & Young and oversaw client engagements for several financial institutions including Glenmede.

Mr. Tewari received a B.S. from Drexel University in 1996. He currently resides in Philadelphia, where he serves as a board member for Philadelphia Futures.


B.S., Drexel University 


Philadelphia Futures