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A Shot in the Arm - Part 2

November 23, 2020

Each COVID-19 vaccine milestone should reinforce investors’ confidence in recovery expectations.

A Shot in the Arm

November 16, 2020

Positive vaccine news has offered a glimpse into potential market leadership for the back half of this pandemic.

While Democrats are on track to maintain control of the House of Representatives, Senate results remain unclear. What does this mean for investors? 

Despite nearly twenty-four hours of watching the votes come in, neither party has secured enough electoral college votes to claim victory in the Presidential election or seats to claim control of the Senate. 

With election day less than 24 hours away, investors should brace for near-term volatility and stay the course with their long-term investment plans. 

Glenmede, a privately held and independently owned investment and wealth management firm with $37 billion in assets under management, announces the opening of The Glenmede Trust Company of Delaware (GTCDE)

Trusts are highly effective vehicles for the transfer of wealth and frequently can help families meet a variety of estate-planning and tax-minimization goals. With the guidance of their advisors, individuals and families looking to establish a trust today must make a number of important decisions.

DINGs are irrevocable trusts designed to save state income taxes for persons who live in a high tax state. 

A Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) is a compelling tax-efficient strategy individuals and families can use to transfer wealth to their beneficiaries.

Markets may be near-term sensitive to the election, but the recovery from the pandemic should remain most important

Valuations on U.S. large-cap stocks have eclipsed the 90th percentile of long-term fair value. However, the equity market’s rising tide has not lifted all boats equally.

Nate Silver, Founder and Editor of FiveThirtyEight, recently joined us for a conversation about polling models, election outcomes and more. Watch the replay.