Here’s What You Read: Our Top, Top 5s of 2018

January 24, 2019

Weekly, we publish a Top 5 covering topics of interest from planning and advice to investment strategy and impact. As we gear up for the year ahead, we are excited to share the Top 5s that resonated the most in 2018:

1. Things to Remember If You’re the Executor
When a loved one dies, there isn’t a checklist of tasks to complete to expedite the grieving process. When you’ve been named the Executor (or “Personal Representative”) of an estate, you have an administrative process to navigate in addition to an emotional one. Thankfully, in that role, there are a finite number of actions that are involved, and plenty of places to turn for guidance. Read more.

2. Impact Investing Trends in the Private Investment Space
Impact investments are designed to achieve financial returns alongside measurable environmental and social outcomes. With private market impact funds on the rise, we’ve mapped out the top trends in this growing space. Read more.

3. Looking Ahead: 2019
While overly precise prognostications for the year ahead crowd the headlines, we believe it’s more productive for investors to ground themselves in the general economic and market environment. With that, we share our top investment themes that may help illuminate the road ahead. Read more.

4. Non-Tax Reasons You Need a Trust
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increased the amount a person can give to others, during life or at death, without paying federal estate or gift tax. For many years, creating a trust has been associated, at least in part, with efficient tax planning, and some may now question whether trusts will remain an essential component of a well-crafted estate plan. The answer is, “YES.” Read more.

5. Planning Ideas for the Ages: Your 40s-70s
Each decade of life brings unique challenges and opportunities, financial and otherwise. We’re focusing on each stage, one by one, to highlight planning issues that may be ripe for your consideration. Read more.

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