Glenmede’s Perspective on the Current Social Crisis

June 11, 2020

Earlier this spring I reached out and shared Glenmede’s response to the “unprecedented times” we found ourselves in due to COVID-19, not expecting that I would be reaching out again a few months later about other extraordinary challenges facing our nation.

Today, our message is intended to be an unambiguous condemnation of racism and an expression of support for peaceful solutions and positive change. Under the current circumstances, we recognize that silence isn’t an option.

Rather than repeating what you've likely heard from other CEOs as they address their clients, I thought it might be helpful to hear how we are addressing these matters internally. Every day since we went to a fully virtual work environment, we host an all-employee call to share key updates. These calls also serve as one of the ways we maintain our sense of community, which is hard to do, but critical in a virtual environment. Click here to read a transcript of my full comments addressing the current social crisis and how, as an organization, we must come together to make a difference.

Caring for clients has always been a top priority for Glenmede. I hope from my comments you'll see a corresponding level of care for our employees, community and country. As with everything else we do, our commitment is intended to be lasting and enduring. We recognize that a persistent and resolute long-term response to the four hundred-year-old American experience with racism is required.


Gordon B. Fowler, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer