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Getting to Know Our People: Faces of Glenmede

Glenmede’s culture is united by a common goal: To deliver an exceptional client experience with integrity. Our people steward and build upon our collaborative culture, combining the ideals of our founders with forward-thinking insights. What follows are conversations with five professionals, each speaking about how they came to Glenmede, why they remain and how their work contributes to serving our clients’ needs.

Director of Engagement

What brought you to Glenmede?

Glenmede’s intense focus on nurturing continuous innovation. This, combined with a strong commitment to employee growth and development, was compelling.

How has your role evolved at Glenmede?

When I joined the team nearly seven years ago, I was brought on as the Director of Human Resources to focus on the employee experience. This year my role expanded to include leadership of Marketing and the Office of the Corporate Secretary. My new position, Director of Engagement, focuses on ensuring we connect with all stakeholder audiences in a meaningful way. We saw synergy across these groups because they all involve deep, trusting relationships. Engagement is a continuous feedback loop: question, listen, communicate honestly and manage expectations.

How does engagement affect employees, clients and the firm? 
We think about engagement holistically. Meaningful employee engagement enables us to attract and retain talent, which in turn affects our ability to attract and retain clients. That drives success through growth and profitability, and makes it possible for us to invest back in the firm strategically. An integrated approach allows the firm to take advantage of natural synergies and differentially engage our constituents.

How do Glenmede’s values shape your approach to your role?

Glenmede’s values are our North Star, guiding everything we do. The concept of stewardship, as an example, means we take responsibility for the success and growth of our relationships with clients and partners as well as how we develop our corporate culture and relationships with our community. Thoughtful stewardship speaks to diversity and how we incorporate different perspectives and experiences to deliver value to all key stakeholders. 

How will Glenmede evolve? 

Glenmede will always focus on extraordinary client service. That said, the needs of our clients, employees and communities will change over time. As part of our engagement strategy, we will understand evolving needs and then plan and execute necessary adjustments. This translates into expanding our service capabilities and developing next-generation talent programs and processes to support a consistent and strong experience for everyone interacting with Glenmede.


Relationship and Portfolio Manager

What is your role at Glenmede?

I help families achieve their wealth objectives by managing their assets, providing investment advice and coordinating the complex services needed to grow and preserve their wealth. 

Has anything surprised you about Glenmede?   

In 15 years with Glenmede, I have never had a new business goal. This permits me to concentrate on serving my clients without distraction. Interestingly, this positively impacts our growth, as a large portion of new business is the result of referrals from existing clients. Their referrals to family and friends are the most rewarding feedback.

How has Glenmede evolved while staying true to its values?  

Glenmede understands tomorrow's clients will be very different from today's, and our service model continuously evolves. The mission, however, remains constant: to serve with distinction by providing objective advice.

What keeps you with Glenmede?

In my role, I contribute functionally and strategically. The firm supports my professional growth and invests in advancement at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Senior management meets with every employee, believing the next best idea can come from anyone. The drive to constantly improve to better serve our clients is an embedded objective. That keeps me at Glenmede, and I wish I had discovered Glenmede earlier in my career.


Impact Research Analyst, Public Investments

How did you come to Glenmede? 

I had been referred by a friend working on the Private Investments team who shared great things about the company. I joined the firm within two weeks of earning my MBA.

What is your role at Glenmede?   

I am responsible for providing strategic oversight of Glenmede’s sustainable and impact investing products, tools and thought leadership.

What were you looking for when you chose Glenmede?

First, I wanted traditional investment experience. Second, I wanted a genuine commitment to impact investing. Finally, career development was very important. Through the interview process, it was clear that Glenmede’s commitment to impact investing as a firm-wide initiative would support and empower my growth. 

How does Glenmede support your career development?

My manager has continued to prioritize strengthening my leadership presence by ensuring exposure to executive-level leadership and developing my presentation skills through public speaking opportunities at conferences. Most of my post-graduate peers are not getting this level of exposure at this point in their careers. 

How do Glenmede’s values shape your work?

People give 110 percent to provide innovative advice and services to our clients. That shared attitude is contagious and inspires me to meet their high standards and performance expectations. 

Are there unique opportunities to work with clients? 

I find the human side of impact investing to be very compelling. Whether partnering with endowments, foundations or individual clients, I most appreciate developing an understanding of the values that shape their impact decisions. This in-depth dialogue creates a strong relationship that continues to deepen over time.


Director of Fixed Income

What brought you to Glenmede?  

After 13 years at a very large asset management firm, I wanted to put my risk management and fixed income skills to work in a smaller environment where I could take on more of a leadership role. Glenmede has a strong investment platform and is committed to growth, both of which appealed to me. The organization’s fiduciary heritage and collaborative culture also aligned with my values. 

What is your role at Glenmede?  

I oversee the expansion of our fixed income capabilities, particularly building out the global opportunity set and risk management framework. I feel very fortunate to have joined a team of professionals who have a tremendous depth of experience. I look forward to working everyday with so many talented people, as well as fostering future talent in the fixed income group and across Glenmede.

Has anything surprised you since you joined the firm? 

Glenmede’s commitment to innovation continues to impress me. The interconnectivity of the business units creates an environment that stimulates creativity and fosters idea generation. The depth and breadth of the firm’s resources and commitment to grow in order to serve our clients' evolving needs are also impressive.

How has Glenmede met your expectations? 

I appreciate that the client experience is always at the forefront of what everyone does at Glenmede. That client focus drives us to invest in new technology, develop our human capital and take the lead in areas like impact investing. In addition, Glenmede values intellectual rigor and collaboration across different teams, both of which are important for innovation and growth. Glenmede’s teams are also engaged in a relentless quest to anticipate the needs of institutional and private wealth clients and deliver service with integrity. 

What keeps you with Glenmede?

At Glenmede, all opinions matter, and there is a consensus that by gathering ideas from across the firm, we will arrive at our best outcomes. This inclusive culture flows through to career development as well. As a mid-career professional, knowing that Glenmede supports lateral and vertical opportunities is important as I think about the long term. 


Wealth Advisor and Relationship Manager

What is your role at Glenmede?

I advise individuals and families with a range of circumstances, from complex estate planning issues to liquidity events, including philanthropic planning and trust administration. I work alongside our team of specialists to evaluate all aspects of a client’s financial life and align them with their long-term objectives. 

How do Glenmede’s values inform your work?

Glenmede’s values foster a collaborative, conflict-free environment that enables me to serve my clients with integrity and care. Free from the pressures of sales incentives and quarterly earnings targets, I leverage our independence and fiduciary heritage to provide thoughtful advice that is in each client’s best interest. 

How does Glenmede promote growth within the organization?

Career development plans go well beyond the traditional upward trajectory. Reviews are an open dialogue that identify core competencies and develop well-rounded leaders. When Glenmede says, "We want you to have the best career possible," the firm makes it happen through mentoring and ongoing educational opportunities.

What keeps you with Glenmede? 

The absolute focus on building for the future to meet client and employee needs. We are proactive about multi-generational wealth planning and engaging successor generations, and developing younger professionals by integrating them early into client service teams. Glenmede’s commitment to community engagement is also very important to me, as I find my non-profit board service both personally and professionally rewarding. 

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