Our Ideas

We are pleased to share that Glenmede is the recipient two prestigious industry honors from the 2021 Family Wealth Report Awards: Women in Wealth Management and Outsourced OCIO.

Investors should consider accelerating capital gains realizations now, and increase their preference for tax efficiency later.

A robust investment policy statement (IPS) is central to fulfilling a board's fiduciary duty to be responsible stewards of their organization’s assets. 

We are proud to announce the appointment of David D. Legeay, CFA, as Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager based in Glenmede’s Cleveland office.

Labor market tightness may lead to wage inflation, but both may ultimately prove transitory as the pandemic subsides.

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work.

Democratic senators have introduced two proposals that would decrease the estate and gift tax exemption amounts and eliminate the cost basis step-up applied to all assets owned by a decedent at death. 

Investors interested in closing gender and racial disparities in the workplace, economy and community can explore a thematic investment focus on gender and racial equity as well as the intersectionality between these two approaches. 

Cryptocurrencies are alluring for those investors willing to assume substantial risk, driven by the questionable belief that it is a viable alternative to fiat currencies and a store of value. 

Though inflation is rising, it will unlikely persist at such high levels that would cause concern for investors. 

Key economic themes amid a rise in public vaccinations, expectations of inflation and policy headwind.

Expect the rebound in earnings to continue into the back half of 2021, supporting equity markets both at home and abroad.