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Valuations on U.S. large-cap stocks have eclipsed the 90th percentile of long-term fair value. However, the equity market’s rising tide has not lifted all boats equally.

Nate Silver, Founder and Editor of FiveThirtyEight, recently joined us for a conversation about polling models, election outcomes and more. Watch the replay.

While earnings may be starting to recover, a full and broad recovery may be dependent on a widely available vaccine.

October Digest

October 9, 2020

View the articles featured in the October 2020 Digest.

Ongoing abnormal market behavior reflects a reopening economy that is finding it difficult to fully recover without a widely distributed vaccine for COVID-19.

Our latest whitepaper explores the relationship between performance and five dimensions of gender equity, including women in leadership, access to benefits, pay equity, supply chain diversity and talent retention and culture. 

A Fiscal Vaccination

October 5, 2020

Fiscal policy may be key in helping bridge the economic gap between now and vaccine delivery

Don't Forget the Fundamentals

September 29, 2020

An outline of the tried and true techniques that have helped families transfer wealth tax efficiently for generations.  

The economy has recovered meaningfully, but the last leg of growth may be vaccine dependent.

Starting well in advance of year-end provides the time required to optimize tax-saving opportunities encompassing income, charitable gifts, trusts and estates.

Lofty valuations from a cohort of growth stocks may set up value stocks to outperform.

Peeling Back Market Dynamics

September 14, 2020

Recent market performance has partially corrected the outsized relative gains from growth stocks.