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As election season heats up, investors should consider the impact a change in regime may have on their portfolios.

Sizing Up Big Tech

August 3, 2020

After an incredible run of performance, Tech+ now accounts for over 40% of the S&P 500, representing a larger share of the index than it did during the Dot-Com Bubble.    

Reasons to avoid underweighting stocks following the market’s dramatic recovery.

Investors seeking more income may want to consider higher-risk investments in municipal high-yield bonds.

A surge of COVID-19 cases in some southern and western states could slow the recovery.

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New COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising as more states reopen, requiring a balance between speed of recovery and risk of resurgence.

The COVID-19 resurgence in 40 states is slowing the rapid reopening that led to faster-than-expected economic improvement. 

 Loans between family members — called intra-family loans — can be a low-cost way to assist with purchasing a home, starting a business or paying living costs. 

The U.S. economy continues steady progress toward recovery, but the pandemic’s mostly southern resurgence poses risks.

Concern recently has focused on the more than 2 million total U.S. cases and the resurgence in new cases since late May.

Speculation by individual investors appears to be a factor driving the stock market rally.