Our Fiduciary Mindset

Glenmede was formed to serve in perpetuity as the corporate trustee for the Pew Family charitable trust. A striking aspect of this founding edict was the embedded commitment to a fiduciary purpose. By this distinction, we are bound to place client concerns first ahead of individual or company interests.

Glenmede’s practice of the fiduciary standard is grounded in decades of experience. A fiduciary mindset permeates our culture, guiding the thousands of judgment calls made throughout the year.

A Trust Company: Safekeeping Client Assets
The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. is a national trust company, chartered as a limited-purpose bank under the National Bank Act. We are entrusted with the safekeeping of client property.

At Glenmede client assets are not included in the company’s corporate capital, are not reported on the corporate balance sheet and cannot be borrowed by the company or used as collateral for company loans. And while Glenmede’s corporate financial condition continues to be strong, if an unforeseen event should compromise our stability, client assets will remain secure and inaccessible to Glenmede’s creditors.  

Investment and Wealth Management: Our Core Business
Glenmede’s culture of fiduciary care and attention to risk management has been a consistent means of attracting and retaining clients. Glenmede focuses on one line of business—investment and wealth management. We do not take deposits or make loans, do not underwrite securities or speculate for corporate profit-making. We invest with one goal in mind: long-term growth and wealth preservation for our clients.

Voluntary Audits
Although not a regulatory requirement, we voluntarily submit to audits and recognize this practice is an essential component of effective risk management. Internal and external auditors report directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. While our objective is to prevent loss, insurance coverage is held by Glenmede to protect clients and the organization from any significant event.

The Glenmede Code of Ethics: Integrity, Objectivity and Independence
Glenmede remains grounded by our founding values, the most fundamental of which is integrity. A Code of Ethics guides employees in their routine conduct of client business. Whether serving as trustee or advisor, Glenmede intends to represent the best interests of our clients in the rendering of services and to embody the true spirit of fiduciary responsibility. To ensure we provide unbiased investment advice, for example, our professionals are not rewarded for selling an investment product or making an investment recommendation.

Full Transparency
Transparency in our services and communications is integral to our success. Should you have a question or wish to receive additional information about our organizational checks and balances, please contact us.

Certain products are offered by Glenmede Investment Management, L.P., which is an affiliate of The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A.  More information regarding these products or to request  GIPS compliant presentations, please click here.