Our History

Founded on Ideals

Glenmede Investment Management, LP (GIM) evolved out of decades of institutional investment management, starting with The Glenmede Trust Company (Glenmede). Glenmede was founded in 1956 by four children of J.N. Pew, founder of Sun Oil Company. Glenmede was created to serve as the corporate trustee of the charitable trust (the Pew Memorial Trust) created in honor of their parents. Eventually, the children created six similar charitable trusts and the seven became known as the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In the 1970s, diversification of the Sun Oil Company stock used to fund these trusts led to the development of investment capabilities and strategies meant to preserve principal while participating in market appreciation. At the same time, consolidation in the banking industry was occurring, and Glenmede became an attractive place for high-net-worth families seeking exceptional client service and investment advice. Since that time, Glenmede has experienced continual growth in size and sophistication.

In the 1980s, Glenmede created four mutual funds (the Glenmede Funds) and established the practice of leveraging expertise to produce efficient, cost-effective investment strategies for clients. Since that time, we have continually added strategies and pursued investment solutions for clients. This led Glenmede to create additional mutual funds and develop our private equity, real estate and commodity investment capabilities in the 1990s.

Largely in response to the changing regulatory environment, the predecessor to GIM, Glenmede Advisors, was created in 2000 to be the investment manager to the then 14 mutual fund strategies developed by Glenmede and held almost exclusively by Glenmede institutional and high-net-worth clients. In 2007, with the merger of Glenmede Advisors into GIM, the institutional effort was refocused to more specifically serve the institutional marketplace with an emphasis on specific investment mandates.

GIM now provides the institutional marketplace access to strategies previously accessible by Glenmede clients. In addition to managing strategies for Glenmede clients and the Glenmede Funds, GIM serves corporations, public plans, foundations and endowments. GIM also provides investment strategies to advisor platforms and institutional consultants.

Consistency in people, process and performance has been a hallmark since 1956. GIM’s evolution out of the client-centric environment of Glenmede carries over today. The longevity of our professionals is unique. Maintaining our independence is important for both of these to continue. Our decades-long experience crafting effective investment solutions for clients is the result.