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Emma Solis-Cohen

Associate Portfolio Manager / Bond Trader

Emma Solis-Cohen is an Associate Portfolio Manager in the Taxable Fixed Income Group for Glenmede Investment Management LP (GIM). In this role, she is responsible for researching, reviewing and executing trades across multiple asset classes in fixed income, portfolio construction, asset allocation, risk management, and portfolio attribution.

Ms. Solis-Cohen recently participated in the rotational program where she was an Associate in Tax-Exempt Fixed Income, Wealth Planning, and New York Client Service. Responsibilities while on the tax-exempt desk included sourcing and allocating bonds, portfolio administration and attribution for the tax-exempt funds and separately managed accounts. Previously, she started at Glenmede Investment Management as a GIM Sales Intern. 

Ms. Solis-Cohen received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics with a minor in government from Hamilton College. She volunteers with the Morris Animal Refuge. 


B.A., Hamiton College


Morris Animal Refuge