Glenmede Launches Impactivate

March 26, 2018

A growing number of investors have discovered that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can be incorporated into a portfolio and add value to portfolio returns. An expanding body of research has resulted in an exciting new era in the discipline of impact investing. A spectrum of approaches has emerged, from identifying companies that adopt ESG-aware policies and practices to direct value-based investing. The result is that more and more institutional investment managers are building impact criteria into their investment processes.

As a means of fostering knowledge about the impact investing discipline, Glenmede has sponsored ImpactivateSM. Impactivate is a website featuring articles from journalists and thought leaders who provide insights on the environmental, social and governance continuum, from developing technologies in agriculture and renewable energy to faith-based and gender-lens investing.

About Impactivate
An active leader in impact investing for over 15 years, Glenmede launched the site with a clear objective: to foster innovative ideas around impact investing and inspire a growing community.

The website features content across the following categories: 


Read about emerging trends in clean tech, food systems and sustainable agriculture and natural resources and conservation.


Discover how faith-based organizations are bridging the gap to build a stronger future, help humanity and preserve the planet.


Learn how investors and practitioners are
working toward solutions that advance
human rights, employee welfare, healthcare
and financial inclusion.


Understand the latest strategies individuals, institutions and shareholders are using to align their investments with their values.


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