Glenmede 2016 Annual Review

May 5th, 2017

Glenmede’s 2016 Annual Review features a letter from Gordon Fowler, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, as well as the following articles:

The first article, “Managing Wealth Through Generations,” outlines the challenges different generations face and illustrates how Glenmede partners with clients to create individually tailored solutions to meet specific legacy, planning and investment objectives.

The second article, “Passive Investing and Following the Herd,” touches upon the growth and pitfalls of passive investing.   

The third article, “Impact Investing: Entering the Golden Age,” discusses the converging trends that are driving the change in the impact investing landscape.

The final article, “WealthView: A Powerful Online Tool,” provides an overview of Glenmede’s online tool that enables clients to simplify their personal financial management and store personal and family information in one place.