Faces of Glenmede: An Inside Look at Our Unique Culture

Glenmede’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement allows us to attract and retain an exceptional group of professionals. The result is a dynamic, multi-generational workforce united by a common goal: to ensure our clients always benefit from our collective best thinking.

We are proud of our people and the collaborative culture they embrace. What follows are conversations with six professionals, each speaking about what has kept them at Glenmede over the years, why they choose to build their careers here and how they initially came to Glenmede.


How did you become Director of Client Development?

Most of my 23 years at Glenmede were spent in fixed income and portfolio management. Three years ago, I became Director of Client Development, overseeing our efforts to attract new relationships. It wasn’t a traditional career move, but the deep relationships I developed with clients over the years inform my approach to my current role. I am a good example of how Glenmede encourages professionals at all levels to challenge themselves.

Why do you think clients decide to place their assets with Glenmede?

Three things make us stand out: our organizational independence, access to top-level advice and our holistic approach to family wealth management. Our clients appreciate knowing Glenmede won’t be sold or merged with another company, and that they’ll continue to have access to the full depth and breadth of senior management. They’re also drawn to our family approach to wealth management—advising children and grandchildren about the responsibilities that come with wealth and what it means to be responsible stewards of family values.

How does Glenmede prepare its next generation for leadership?

I feel strongly about mentoring talent. I really enjoy bringing people along—making sure they understand Glenmede’s culture and fiduciary mindset. It’s very rewarding to see people grow into more senior positions and assume greater responsibility.

Why have you stayed at Glenmede?

As a member of the Management Committee, I have a voice in helping Glenmede prepare for the future. Not everyone has the same perspective, but our ability to work collaboratively is an important part of our culture of continuous improvement.

Is there anything about Glenmede that still surprises you?

Yes, we constantly look to innovate our ideas, technology and processes. The Goals-based Wealth Review is an example. We have always had the investment tools—market projections and probability analyses—but integrating that data into the wealth planning process helps our clients make more informed decisions.


What brought you to Glenmede?

In 1998, Glenmede hired me to build the Quantitative Research group. It was an interesting time to join. We were right in the middle of the internet bubble and had to defend active management. I had done work on the risks of equity indexing and the need for a disciplined approach to managing equity portfolios.

How did your group expand from research to portfolio management?

Our stock-ranking models were performing very well. In 2012, we began using them to manage disciplined equity portfolios for clients. We still support areas of Glenmede for quantitative research, and today we manage several mutual funds and over $9 billion of client assets.

Has technology changed the way you work?

Absolutely. We originally did most of our work using spreadsheets. Now, we use powerful computer programming to perform complex data analysis in seconds.

Is there a constant at Glenmede that has allowed you to be successful?

Glenmede provides us with the resources and tools to prosper. Senior management believes in the discipline of quantitative research to support our analysts and portfolio managers. We remove subjectivity from the investment equation to do what’s best for the client.

How do the core values of the firm influence your work?

Respect, diversity and a team approach—our team has always been guided by these principles over the years. How else can you be successful over time?

What has kept you at Glenmede?

Every day is a new learning experience and I have a terrific team. Also, having other smart people at Glenmede as a source of insight and ideas helps us to continually improve.

Can you talk about how Glenmede has changed to benefit clients?

In impact investing, we can design a portfolio around a client’s area of interest. For example, we manage portfolios that are environmentally sensitive and socially responsible. We also manage Responsible ESG and Women in Leadership strategies.

With the Goals-based Wealth Review, integrating the investment and goal-setting processes helps clients make better long-term decisions based on a risk-return analysis.


What do you do, and how did it come about?

My job is to improve the client experience and the experience of other employees by implementing new technologies, products and process efficiencies. I focus on projects that can last months or years. I partner with client-facing groups and business leadership to make those things happen.

Is that something that always interested you?

When I joined Glenmede in 2009, I started in Marketing and then moved to Portfolio Management. While I was always drawn to investment management, overtime I got to work on tactical initiatives with people across the firm and realized I really enjoy problem solving and working on enterprise-level initiatives.

How does your experience in different parts of the company benefit clients?

We recently launched a Glenmede donor-advised fund. As the project manager, I was involved from the inception phase through to the introduction to clients. Because I had worked in Marketing and investments, I understood the client needs we were solving for, and my experience helped me to foresee the issues we needed to consider.

What makes Glenmede unique?

Our collaborative culture. We have tactical initiative groups that work across departments and experience levels. Anyone can be part of a working group, from associate-level employees through to executive-level managers.

We believe anyone can contribute at any level, including our summer interns. Last year, for example, our summer intern program focused on how Glenmede can prepare for the next generation of clients, employees and technology. We’re implementing some of their ideas now.


How did you come to Glenmede?

When I was growing up, my dad had been Glenmede’s Chief Investment Officer, so I have always been familiar with the company. I joined Glenmede’s Marketing department a few years after college. Seventeen years later, I’m a Portfolio Manager in the Endowment & Foundation area. I’ve always tried to go in a different direction from my father, but I have progressed to a role not too far off from what he did.

How did you move from Marketing to Portfolio Management?

In Marketing, I learned about different areas of expertise such as tax planning, estate planning, and economic and market outlooks. I have strong writing skills and worked with Gordon Fowler on his client letters. I wasn’t shy about editing them. As I became more interested in the investment side, I joined the Manager Research group where I got a grassroots introduction to different investment styles and processes. I probably interviewed over 500 managers during my six years in the group. I also started working directly with clients as a specialist supporting Portfolio Managers. From there, it was a natural progression into Portfolio and Relationship Management.

Do you think being able to forge your own path is unique to Glenmede?

I do. We just implemented a formal rotational employee development program. Glenmede encourages people to develop different skills. I have friends in the industry who haven’t had the same opportunities to evolve.

Are there investment developments you’re particularly excited about?

Impact investing. Sustainability is another way to measure investment quality, and investors are increasingly focusing on sustainable companies. We recognized its importance in advance of the industry and have well-developed strategies. When I speak with people about impact investing, their eyes light up and they want to know more. It’s indicative of what Glenmede is about.


What is your role at Glenmede?

As a Portfolio Manager, I structure client portfolios to optimize returns and ensure the client understands how their portfolios are trending toward their overall wealth objectives.

As a Relationship Manager, I dig deeper to understand more about the client’s needs and how we can best fulfill them. It allows me to collaborate with other members of the team—whether it’s someone from Wealth Advisory or Tax or Financial Planning—to bring customized solutions to the client. It’s an uncommon model.

As a mid-career professional, why did you choose Glenmede?

I worked for financial conglomerates for 27 years. I needed a break from the large corporate structure where wealth management was a statistical error on the balance sheet. The fact that Glenmede focuses exclusively on investment and wealth management appealed to me.

Has Glenmede met those expectations?

Any time you change jobs, it’s a leap of faith. Once I got to Glenmede, I immediately realized how committed the company is to providing a high level of client service. Serving families for multiple generations is a commitment.

Are there other aspects of Glenmede that help you provide better service to clients?

Glenmede has a history of attracting mid-career professionals like me. As the firm continues to grow and technology becomes a required competency, we continue to attract younger, highly credentialed professionals to bridge the generation gap. Our seasoned professionals are mentoring younger employees, who in time will become our leaders. At the same time, there’s a reverse mentoring occurring as we leverage the technical capabilities of our younger cohorts.


What is your role at Glenmede?

I’m on the Investment Strategy team. We combine the firm’s investment expertise to develop asset allocation decisions. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the markets and macroeconomics.

What was it like joining Glenmede after internships in other industries?

One internship was in public health—that was very different. The other was in the corporate strategy department of a large software company, where I focused on a specific project with one project team.

Glenmede is mid-sized—we have a broad base of smart people with distinct expertise. You can walk across the hall and learn about what other people are doing.

How has Glenmede helped you develop your skills?

I started in the Private Equity group. I worked on the Women’s Initiative and was exposed to women in different roles from across the company. This experience helped me to think more strategically about what Glenmede does and how professionals of varying backgrounds collaborate.

I also worked on the Impact Investing Task Force. It was a great opportunity to learn more about how Glenmede builds strategic initiatives around emerging areas.

Can you talk about the mentors you have at Glenmede?

I have a great group of mentors who’ve helped me to refine my writing, communication and strategic-thinking skills. One example is a woman who works in a different investing role. In me, she sees a driven woman excited to learn more about investing and is helping me think about my future.

What excites you about your future?

Glenmede’s emphasis on community service and ethical behavior. It’s impossible not to see how that affects how people collaborate. Glenmede is definitely not a typical financial services firm. This makes coming to work inspiring.

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