Partnering with Glenmede for OCIO services, clients gain access to a wide suite of investment and advisory services. We believe that no two clients are alike in needs or objectives—as such we work with each client to determine the services that best suit their unique requirements. Whether your organization is new to OCIO and requires Board education and advisory services or you are a larger institution seeking access to niche investment managers, private investments, and risk management, Glenmede has the scope and scale to support your needs.

Our core services include:

OCIO Investment Strategy and Implementation
Manager Selection and Due Diligence
Public and Private Market Access
Proprietary Research
Impact Investing
Investment Performance Reporting
Customized Educational Programs

Unlike investment consultants that limit their role to providing guidance leaving the Board responsible for asset allocation and manager selection. Glenmede’s OCIO platform provides accountability throughout the process.

See how our services compare to consultants:

Investment policy statement development  
Strategic asset allocation creation
Open architecture platform
Ongoing manager due diligence
Manager research and recommendation
Manager selection  
Analyze, buy and sell individual solutions  
Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing  
Portfolio risk and liquidity management  
In-house proprietary research  
Access to comprehensive external research ●●
Custody and recordkeeping ●●
Account administration  
May serve as Trustee with fiduciary responsibility  
Performance measurement and reporting ●●
Advisory and educational services  
Coordination with outside advisors  
Philanthropic advisory and management services  
    fee based   ●● potentially limited