Glenmede has consistently maintained a 98% client retention rate and 99% client satisfaction rating. Much of this results from the high level of service our clients have come to expect based on the following principles.

We believe clients should be served by dedicated Endowment and Foundation team that understands their unique needs and is committed to helping them achieve their mission.

Each organization should have access to the most senior members of our firm; the people they meet during the sales process should remain on the relationship to ensure continuity.

We will bring a fiduciary mindset to bear at all times by putting clients’ interests first.  Risk management of all types will be paramount.

Your team will be highly responsive and proactive to ensure your needs are met.

Clients should have full transparency regarding account level and manager fees and we disclose those in our comprehensive reporting. In addition, we provide a corporate annual review including material financial information of the firm.

We must simplify the financial needs of your organization and effect a smooth and efficient transition. We will serve as a quarterback and coordinate with your executive team and outside advisors.