Glenmede Endowment & Foundation Management

Glenmede Endowment & Foundation Management origins trace back to 1956 when four children of Joseph N. Pew, founder of Sun Oil Company, served as the investment manager for seven charitable trusts endowed to honor their parents. Glenmede remains the Outsourced Investment Manager (OCIO) for these trusts, and now oversees the investment and advisory needs of more than 250 additional institutions nationwide - including college and school endowments, independent and family foundations, pension funds and other non profits. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Glenmede is independent and privately owned.

Each organization benefits from a robust and sophisticated investment platform and our deep understanding of the unique needs of charitable organizations. All partner with us because they seek a trusted advisor who brings the highest standards of fiduciary care to their organizations’ investment management, governance and administration. Our dedicated Endowment & Foundation team works closely with each organization to understand its mission and create a service plan tailored to its particular needs and objectives.

Glenmede Endowment & Foundation offers a wide range of services ranging from diversified asset management, impact investing, advisory services, administration, and reporting. Contact Us to learn more about our services. For more information about specific investment products and strategies, please visit Glenmede Investment Management.

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